My dog “Koda” has been a patient of Dr. Pam's for 6 years.  Our first visit was for an acute issue that other doctors were recommending daily medication.  I was blown away with the detail of questioning Dr. Pam had regarding Koda’s history and current state, It was the most thorough Dr.’s appointment I had ever been to.  Dr. Pam cured the issue without medication focusing on nutrition and supplementation as the remedy.  She treated other things over the next couple of years using this approach and putting Koda on a path to overall health. We have continued our visits regularly consisting of whatever holistic treatments and or nutritional advice Dr. Pam recommends to maintain optimum health for Koda.  I can’t say enough about how highly I think of Dr. Pam and the amount of trust I have in her.  

- Justin K.

Our journey with Dr. Pam began in February of 2013. My then 12-year-old Weimaraner was experiencing many digestive issues and incontinence with reoccurring UTI's. Almost two years later, Gracie is thriving at 14!

It has been a journey filled with both progress and setbacks. What I have learned along the way is to be patient and remain dedicated to the process of holistic care. Explicitly following Dr. Pam's advised protocol and diet is of utmost importance. Dr. Pam and I truly have become a team in caring for Gracie. As with any successful team, communication is key. Consistently reporting symptoms and changes to Dr. Pam assists her in adjusting the care plan.

Holistic care is much different from conventional medicine in the respect that it treats the deeper underlying issue. It sometimes takes longer to achieve this goal because there truly is a process involved in repairing the issue rather than treating the symptoms alone.

The best advice I can give is to be open-minded, expect a few road bumps along the way but remain dedicated to the process of holistic care. Dr. Pam has a tremendous wealth of knowledge and truly cares for her patients. She is an incredible asset to providing exceptional care to our beloved family members.

- Alex L.

Dr. Pam Montgomery-Fittz is simply an amazing Vet.  She is a breath of fresh air offering a host of holistic natural remedies and an alternative to traditional veterinary medicine.  When I met Dr. Pam 8 years ago, my beloved yellow Lab, Maddie, was suffering from serious liver disease.  We had exhausted all the options my traditional vet & the veterinary specialists had to offer; and the prognosis was grim.  A friend referred me to Dr. Pam and it was the best thing that could have happened to us.  Dr. Pam stepped in changed Maddie's entire diet and added herbal and homeopathic remedies that turned everything around.  While there is no cure for Maddie's liver disease, we have learned to successfully manage it.  I am happy to report 8 years later that Maddie is still with us and a happy 12 year old dog.  I am forever indebted to Dr.  Pam and her vast knowledge of holistic veterinary medicine and experience. You cannot go wrong with Dr. Pam!

- Ellyn B.

Dr. Pam has been caring for my fur babies for over 6 years and is quite unique in her field. She is the most wholistically knowledgeable holistic practitioner I've had the pleasure to work with over the years. She develops customized treatment plans for each of your pets and optimizes when required so your pets are as healthy as they can be at each stage of their lives. She is also an educator at heart and willingly imparts that knowledge to any client who is willing to learn. As with yourself or other family members, the health of your pets is an investment of your time and effort - you must participate - but it's well worth witnessing the transformation to healthy, happy and well-balanced pets. I love how she helped Buster overcome his morbid obesity and lose more than half his body weight; or how she's helped Bullet overcome his deficiencies and grow his hair back; or how she's made Runner not so crazy and how Zoe is now a grounded, lovely girl! Thanks Dr. Pam - we all love you!!

- LeeAnn H.

Vitality Pet Care and Dr Pam (Montgomery-Fittz) has been a true life saver for our beloved Welsh terrier, Zoe.  After treating Zoe for over four years, our internal medicine vet told us the last of hope of getting her off destructive steroids was to start with Dr Pam.  Although the office is 45 minutes from home, we made the change in January of 2014.  By August of 2014 Zoe was off steroids and has regained health and vitality that we thought was gone forever.  Her hair had all turned grey, now she is black and brown and so energetic she’s like a puppy.  Although the diet therapy is expensive and requires us to prepare fresh vegetables it is well worth it.  We are so glad we took the advice to see Dr Pam.  She is an amazingly talented, caring and super-specialized vet whom we highly recommend.

- Barbara & Harvey G.