The body has an amazing ability to compensate. Often, an initial issue can go undetected until the body compensates further creating a secondary issue, which then creates a tertiary issue, and so on. Once the body can no longer compensate, it reacts. The reaction is typically accompanied by pain, discomfort or another outward physical manifestation or symptom. Conventional medicines treat the reactions. Imagine what would happen if we located and resolved the compensations BEFORE the reaction ensued. To do this, we start with a strong foundation of nutrition, and then utilize various treatment modalities to correct the imbalances of the body.

The information below is intended to give a brief overview of each modality used in this practice. As each pet is unique and has his or her own special needs, the treatment regimen is customized for each pet. The regimen will encompass a synergistic and appropriate blend of these holistic modalities to provide an optimal opportunity of each pet to achieve a higher state of vitality.