Clinic Policies

Due to the nature of this practice, there is a 24-business hour cancellation requirement. Confirmation of the cancellation must be made no later than 24 business hours before the appointment to avoid any fees. For example, to cancel an appointment scheduled for Monday at 9am, a call must be received and confirmed by 9am Thursday, as we are not in the office Friday. Once an appointment is scheduled, it becomes the client's responsibility to maintain, change or cancel.  A series of automated reminders will be sent starting 1 week prior to a scheduled appointment to allow time for any adjustments.

Cancellations made the day of the scheduled appointment and missed appointments are assessed the full cost of the time scheduled. However, every effort will be made to fill the appointment as an incentive to provide as much notice of cancellation as possible.  If the appointment can be filled, then it will eliminate any potential fees.

  • All refills are subject to approval by Dr. Pam.
  • Please submit any refill request at least 1 week prior to completion of present product to ensure continuity of treatment.
  • Please check amounts of all active supplements prior to submitting a refill request to minimize multiple communications and errors.
  • Please provide a brief update of your pet’s progress with all refill requests.

Email refill requests must follow the below format to be forwarded for review & approval:

  • "Refill Request" in subject line
  • A brief update of your pet’s progress
  • Product List
    • Name
    • Size
    • Form (granules, capsules, tablets
    • Updated dose

For example: Canine Adrenal Support 100g ¾ tsp twice daily

All complete refill requests are forwarded to Dr. Pam for approval, while incomplete requests are bookmarked until all of the required information is provided. Remember the update/progress report is important to help us determine if the product should be continued or changed.

Product priority is on a first-come, first serve basis and product availability cannot be guaranteed. However, most products can be drop-shipped or special ordered.

Pick up orders: Pre-paid orders can be picked up after-hours via CVSEC. Please allow 24-48 business hours for processing.  

At VPC we offer a functional analysis of labwork, which includes an in-depth evaluation of the chronological trend of labwork to discern any developing issues before a disease state is reached. The labwork panels performed prior to the pet's initial intake will be reviewed chronologically during the initial appointment. Subsequent labwork will be performed by VPC and will be completed through an outside laboratory. The results will be reviewed in conjunction with the previous labs and the client will be called to discuss findings at no additional costs.

Any routine labwork performed outside of VPC after the initial consultation will be assessed a fee for functional analysis, in addition to the appointment. These assessments must be done during an office visit when the patient is available for physical examination; they are not available via phone consultation.

Appointments to collect the blood are typically scheduled M-Th between 9-9:30am at the VPC office.  Pets should be fasted after midnight the night before their appointment with unlimited access to water unless otherwise directed. A first-morning urine sample should be obtained and refrigerated until the blood collection appointment. Instructions for some patients may vary slightly and will be noted in the reminder email.  

Email consultations are not offered by VPC. However, for quick questions regarding a pet's prescriptions or treatment or for reporting purposes, please include the following information (if applicable to the case) in BULLET form in the order as it is listed below:

  • Pet's name
  • All active nutritional supplements with dosage
  • All active Chinese Herbal Supplements dosage
  • Name of homeopathic medicine with potency and administration date. (in active homeopathic cases only)
  • Enumerated list of questions

This format will ensure that the question(s) will be answered in a prompt fashion. As per usual policy, if multiple emails are needed for an exchange, it is likely a phone consult or office visit will be necessary.

As we strive to bring you and your pet a peaceful respite, please silence your cell phones and keep voices down when entering the office. As we do not have the facilities to keep children, we respectfully request you arrange childcare for your children. We want everyone’s pet to get the most out of each and every session!

Unopened products may be returned within 45 days of purchase with the receipt in the same condition in which it was sold.  Returns must be made in person and cannot be mailed or shipped.  There are no cash refunds.  A credit will be issued on the account on which it was purchased to be used at a later date.

+TeleHealth Appointment Policy

TeleHealth Appointments (THA) have been designed for pets with ongoing health issues, who require frequent contact, updates or close monitoring.

The following is a list of requirements to schedule a THA:

  • The patient is an active patient
  • The consult is regarding a health issue for which the pet has been examined in the last 2 months
  • All THA requests must be approved prior to scheduling

Time is assessed in 5 minute increments, rounding up to the next unit of time. For example, 8 minutes is rounded to 10 minutes for the purpose of determining fee.

Once any appointment is scheduled, it becomes the client's responsibility to maintain, change or cancel. Automated courtesy appointment reminders will be sent prior to the appointment; however, please make note of all appointment times as technology is not 100% reliable.

Notice: any NEW health issues requires an office visit with phyical examination before a THA may be scheduled.


Current Schedule:

By appointment only.
Monday - Thursday : 9am - 3pm
Closed Friday
Note: final appointment of the day ends by 2:30pm


Initial Consultation Checklist:

Please notice that we are not currently taking new clients.

  • Complete Online Registration
  • Obtain a Veterinarian Referral from veterinary specialist
  • Obtain and bring a hard copy of the following to the initial consultation:
    • Patient medical history in the form of doctor’s notes (receipts are not sufficient)
    • Copies of all lab work and other diagnostic tests
    • X-rays pertaining to issue to be addressed
  • Complete New Patient History form and bring to the initial consultation 
  • Call and schedule an appointment at 214-780.1818

Note: records provided AFTER the initial consultation/exam will require scheduled time for review, which is considered billable time.

Due to the part-time schedule and our current client load, new client registrations will be limited to specialty referrals only and will be reviewed & considered on a case by case basis.