Whole Dog Purification

Knowing When To Detox


In a holistic veterinary practice, we often see pets with multiple ongoing issues, rather than a single disease state.


In truth, most “diseases” are actually small spot fires that coalesce into the appearance of a raging inferno. Skin allergy cases are perfect examples of this phenomenon. Trying to address each issue independently can be challenging, as the treatment for one fire may stoke another.


The concept of the Whole Dog Purification (WDP) is to extinguish the small fires and reassess the landscape to determine what takes priority in treatment. Each patient’s symptoms will vary, thus guiding the practitioner to develop a more customized, directed approach.


The WDP is the adapted 21-Day Purification for humans offered by Standard Process and it is 28 days in length. The protocol is based on weight with considerations as to health issues present. The WDP promotes:


  • Detoxification of liver & kidneys
  • Rebalancing of gastrointestinal tract (GIT)
  • Improvement in lymphatic flow
  • Appropriate blood sugar regulation (secondarily supporting adrenal function)
  • Regulating hormonal communication



Why Does My Dog Need To Purify?


Countless chemical reactions occur within the body to maintain a certain level of health. The complex nature of these interactions requires a high level of efficiency to complete the processes within the body.


The efficiency of any system is dependent upon:


  • Input of quality raw materials(good sources of bioavailable nutrients)
  • Appropriate synthesis of products (adequate cellular function)
  • Disposal of waste (excretion of waste)


If you skimp on any of these necessities, then production is impacted and quality is affected.


An individual is bombarded on a daily basis by a variety of toxic insults to the cells that may include: pollutants, chemicals, contaminants in water and food, pharmaceuticals, and more. Though the body is innately intelligent and self-sufficient, poor nutrients in processed foods and toxin exposure overwhelm the body and it becomes unable to complete its normal processes. In order to restore function and efficiency, you must do a deep cleaning.


Some physical indicators that your dog may need to purify may include:


  • Dull, dry coat
  • Poor color contrast to coat (loss of pigment in nose, pads and dark colored liner around the eyes and lips)
  • Rough, dry pads of feet
  • Salivary staining
  • Recurring disease states



Purifying Your Pup With Whole Foods


We start by creating a nutritional foundation for your pet using only fresh whole foods. Food Therapy can be tailored to the pet’s individual needs. In addition to the Whole Dog Purification (WDP) products, concurrent supplements may be used if your pet has specific needs.



What Should I Expect Each Week?


The level of toxicity in each dog will determine which detoxification signs (called “indicators”) will appear throughout the individual pet’s detoxification process. Every dog is unique, thus every detox picture is different. The important take home point is this: it is not that your dog detoxes, but rather how your dog detoxes that provides more information about his/her unique health picture.




Detox and Elimination Phase I


Week 1 focuses on detoxification and elimination of toxic waste, resting the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) and promoting restoration of the gut environment. Detoxification indicators are typically transient, lasting 1-3 days, and are mild in nature. These may include some of the following:


  • Restlessness
  • Grouchiness
  • Diminished social interaction
  • Transient fatigue
  • Occasional mucus in stool


Detox indicators are desirable, as they signal that the WDP is doing its job. However, any of these symptoms that appear to be more than “mild” should be reported to VPC. Vomiting and diarrhea are NOT considered detox symptoms, thus should also be reported.



Week 2:

Detox and Elimination Phase II


Week 2 continues the detoxification and eliminations of wastes via liver, kidneys and GIT, resting the GIT and promoting restoration of healthy gut environment. Typical changes seen include:


  • Increasing energy
  • More voluminous stools (with fiber increasing, this is completely normal)
  • Coat color, contrast & sheen begin to show improvement near the end of the week


There may be specific detox signs that indicate that an adjustment to the protocol is necessary. These may include:


  • Gas production
  • Increased hunger
  • Inappropriate weight loss or gain



Week 3:

Transition To Replenishing Phase


Week 3 consists of a continuation of detoxification with replenishing phase overlap. By this point the internal benefits should begin to reflect into skin and coat.


Changes in the coat and skin are uppermost this week. The pigmentation of the nose, around the eyes (“eye liner”), and around the lips (“lip liner”) begins to return and darken. Emotional imbalances also begin to stabilize during this phase.


Note: If the pet does not have the expected changes at this point, it is an indication that adjustments are likely required to augment patient response.



Week 4:

Replenishing Phase


The goals for week 4 include replenishing the body’s stores, promoting healthy elimination and setting the new normal. We typically expect to see increasing energy and focus, continuing improvement in the color and texture of the coat, nose, eye liner and lip liner, as well as marked improvement to pads on the feet (softer, more supple, pigmentation returning, etc.)



Following The Progress


Follow-ups are essential to assess the ongoing progress and direct the body’s responses if needed. Remember, how your dog goes through the purification give us unique insight into his/her specific imbalances. The follow-up appointments give us a unique opportunity to address those specific needs at that time. Thus, the follow up phase is just as critical as the WDP itself and will often result in a better response.


Your dog will be healthier and a more direct path for your pet’s treatment can be determined and following this protocol. In short, the completion of WDP will provide momentum in cases and heighten response to further treatment.



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