Treatment Philosophy

The body is a symphony of synchronistic interactions and chemical reactions. It is not how one aspect operates individually that determines health; rather it is how all things work in concert. For instance, imagine a pebble being dropped into a pond of water. Ripples form on the water as a response to the presence of the pebble. Though the ripples move outward, one can trace them back to determine the location of the pebble. Suppose that the pebble is underlying chronic disease and the ripples are the resulting symptoms. Conventional medicines smooth the waters to eliminate the symptoms. Yet, smoothing the waters removes the means to find the pebble or chronic disease. Though the ripples on the surface are removed, the pebble continues to shift and gather moss under the surface. In other words, though the obvious symptoms have been removed and the underlying chronic disease continues to change and grow beneath the surface.

Holistic care focuses on the "whole" patient picture, rather than the symptoms. The goal is to find the pebble. In locating the pebble, the disturbance can be removed and the ripples will not be generated. Thus, rather than treating symptomatically, this form of medicine works to locate and resolve the underlying core issue(s) which, consequently, results in the cessation of the symptoms.

Within holistic medicine are various treatment methods, such as acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, therapeutic nutritional supplementation, and other treatment modalities. The approach to each case is individualized for the specific patient.

My dog “Koda” has been a patient of Dr. Pam's for 6 years.  Our first visit was for an acute issue that other doctors were recommending daily medication.  I was blown away with the detail of questioning Dr. Pam had regarding Koda’s history and current state, It was the most thorough Dr.’s appointment I had ever been to.  Dr. Pam cured the issue without medication focusing on nutrition and supplementation as the remedy.  She treated other things over the next couple of years using this approach and putting Koda on a path to overall health. We have continued our visits regularly consisting of whatever holistic treatments and or nutritional advice Dr. Pam recommends to maintain optimum health for Koda.  I can’t say enough about how highly I think of Dr. Pam and the amount of trust I have in her. 

- Justin K.